Custom ROM & Embedded System Development

We have deep experience in Android and Linux embedded systems development including OS level customization for real-time applications, firmware development, developing custom ROMs and porting it on many embedded boards & processors like OMAP, ARM 9/11 and NxP i.MX6 architectures. Our experience enables us to provide complete hardware and application suppofort from small foot print devices such as wearables to tablets and specialised displays, smart IoT devices and M2M gateways.

We provide services such as:
  • HAL layer abstraction for driver development 
  • Android OS compilation, developing custom ROM and porting on embedded boards, Mobiles & Tablet PCs.
  • Custom hardware development.
  • Interfacing external peripherals like GSM/GPRS, GPS, touch screen, Key pad, Bluetooth/Wifi modules, Medical sensors and camera.
  • Firmware development for custom hardware.
  • Android accessories development by using Arduino board & Android Workbench board.
  • Device drivers porting.
  • CyanogenMod ROM development & porting it on new chips and hardware
  • Integration of sensors such as temperature, humidity and medical/physio sensors
  • Integration of wireless devices such as 3G/4G modems, Zigbee, Zwave, IoT-NB, Sigfox and LoRA and telephony applications
  • Support for interfaces such as RJ45, RS232, RS485
Additional services include
  • Android App development including porting across multiple platforms and migration to Android
  • Kiosk Android development. Some of the customizations are removing notification bar, Removing lock option, custom boot animation, custom startup application, disable external hardware keys, custom settings option,.etc.
  • Remote management of Applications and Android OS
  • IoT application development including sensor data acquisition and processing.