Conference Meeting Room Booking & Scheduling Systems

These wall or glass mounted PoE (802.3af) based Android OS tablets and touchscreen panel PCs are designed for office conference or meeting room booking & scheduling. A special feature of these displays is the built-in support for PoE (802.3af) which makes them ideal for deployment in facilities or locations where power outlets are difficult to reach. Simply connect the PoE/RJ45 cable to the back of these units and you are ready to go. These PoE systems offer low cost alternative to other solutions where both a power cable and RJ45 cable is required to interface to a tablet or panel PC. With less moving parts and built-in PoE these units offer economical and highly secure means of managing meeting rooms.

Some features of the units include:

a) Auto-start power on 

b) Various display sizes: 7", 9", 10" or more

c) Built-in PoE (802.3af) or RJ45. 

d) WIFI & Camera

e) Proximity Sensors for detecting users and turning the unit on 

f) Flush wall or Vesa (on wall) mounting

g) White/Black Plastic Frames or Stainless Steel/Aluminum

You can install various conference room apps such as Meeting Room Display 5 from GoGet corp. and Meeting Room Manager from Robin.



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1 - 7 of 7 items