Android OEM/White Label Services

We provide OEM / white label or custom branding services are geared towards OEMs that wish to enter the market quickly with minimal changes to an existing off-the-shelf product. We have a broad range of off-the-shelf solutions including boards/SOMs, displays, panel pcs, tablets and hand helds that can be quickly adapted to meet the market requirements for most companies.  Our OEM/ white label services include:

a) Custom branding with your company logo and packaging including user guides and documentations

b) Custom branded splash screen so that when you boot the tablet, your company screen will be displayed.

c) Firmware modifications to integrate your Applications/Apps into the firmware/build and remove unneeded apps including Playstore

d) Minor modifications to the firmware such as rooting or enable/disable settings, operate in kiosk mode

e) Over the Air firmware updates or application updates.

d) Minor hardware alterations such as memory, battery screen types etc.


Here is an example of an OEM effort where an off-the-shelf phone is fully branded with logos and repurposed for a specific application.


In the event the off-the-shelf solutions do not fully address the market needs, companies may decide to embark on ODM services to develop their own unique product line.