Android OEM/ODM Services

We provide OEM / ODM contract manufacturing services for companies in the areas of smart home appliances and home automation, M2M and Industrial IoT, medical devices, telecom, logistics and transportation sectors.

Our OEM off-the-shelf products (as listed in our website) are ideal for those businesses that want to enter the market quickly with a product offering with minimal customization or design changes. Most of these products can be customized with various options such as hard disk configurations, memory extensions, battery sizes, capacitive or resistive screens.  There may be some NRE costs for customization but usually waived if orders exceed a certain MOQ which may range from 100 to 500 units / order.

Our ODM services are full outsourced product development and manufacturing services provided for customers introducign new products in the market. Based on the market requirements or specifications, we will embark on full design, rapid prototyping and manufacture of the product. Examples of products may include a custom single board computer or SOM, custom tablet with embedded sensors, M2M gateway device,  home automation device, medical display system or a android based video conferencing syteml. 

These projects typically involve more upfront costs to cover research & development costs associated with a custom solution. ODM services include:

a) Industrial and structural design

b) Tooling that includes mold and casing design using 3D printing or injection molding

c) SOM/SOC ( System on Module/Chip), processor board and PCBA design

d) Integration with sensors or other interface boards

e) Software optimization and performance tuning

f) Custom Packaging